About perfection, stumbling and walls…

Im back..It has been a while since my last post and now my language has changed from German to English? Whats going on?

I have been stumbling. Stumbling in my own perfection.

Is this really good enough? Do I really have enough knowledge about nutrition to have a blog? My German grammar is too often wrong. It should be correct, or? Shouldnt my body be a bit slimmer and tighter if I eat so healthy?

I have been running agains walls. Walls set up by myself. Nobody else than myself. Because nobody has actually complained about my German grammar or my pictures or my content. Its all in me.

So I came to a point where its either me accepting that Im not perfect and I live with that or I keep striving to be perfect and end up doing nothing.

Today the decition fell on risking to show who I really am. Im a norwegian foodlover whos German, Norwegian and English is not perfect. But I love to cook, eat and I have experienced on my own body what a change in nutrition can do to improve lifequality, energylevel and mood significally. If my story and experience can be an inspiration for someone to start a change in their lifes Im happy. So here I am today, writing to you from now in English. 🙂

Have mercy with me and my typos! Typos are boring anyway. What is much more interesting is passion! Passion for clean and healthy food. All these wonderful ingrediences mother earth has given us, waiting to become delicous, nutrious dishes. Lets start!

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