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My name is Elisabeth and I am a Norwegian living in Bavaria. As long as I can think, I love spending time in the kitchen. When my grandmothers were cooking, I was right there looking, tasting, trying and asking 1000 questions. At the age of nine a became a baking book as a present and from there my family had to be guinea pigs.

Looking at pictures from back in my early twenties, its easy to see I liked to eat. 😉

Being a foodie itself is not the problem as long as you balance your intake of food with your energy level. In the end of my twenties and after giving birth to two wonderful girls, I found myself constantly tired, without energy, a foggy brain and I was heavily gaining weight. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto, an autoimmune decease where my own immune cells are attacking my thyroid. The thyroid is a pretty important organ, producing vital hormones. I started to take hormone tablets and I felt a bit better but I was still in a state of misbalance. Something had to change. The turnover came as I heard about the paleo diet through a family member and I decided to do the paleo challenge. That is 30 days without sugar, diary products, grain and legumes. A wonder is a strong word, but the changes I experienced was amazing. I lost 17 kilos in 7 weeks, my brain cleared up and the energy came back!

Through this blog and my recipes I want to show how easy it is to do these little changes in the nutrition and lifestyle which have huge impact on your health and daily life.

Warning! Im an organic warrior! Yes, you read right. Im passionate about eating organic food! My freezer is full grass-fed meat. Well.. more about this later on..

I would be happy if you join me on my clean-food journey. Get inspired and start with the first small steps towards more energy and better health! 🙂





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